What would you do if your boss is in a wrong path

Every person in the world makes mistakes. Whether it is supervisor or subordinate, boss or employee, and leader or follower, they may have committed mistake at one or other times. So it’s not a matter of surprise that the executive or superior person makes mistakes. But the best person is one who learns something from the prior mistakes and shapes the future endeavors.

boss threatening employees

boss threatening employees

If you are a fresher and planning to join the organization, you may face some of the issues, where you may think that your boss is not in the right track. You may encounter a situation where your boss is following a wrong procedure and leading the organization towards the chaos of uncertainty. At such times what would you do? You have two options:

Either to point the mistakes of your boss or to follow him/her by ignoring the mistakes.

At a glance, you may think that you will certainly choose the first alternative and prevent organization from future uncertainties. But it is not an easy task. Most of the managers/supervisors don’t like their subordinates if they are smarter than themselves. They feel insecurity in the organization if their subordinates start to guide. In the developing nations where management practices are not standardized, this practice is highly exercised in the organization. So would you stress your mind to point the mistakes of your boss and always inferior in the eyes of your boss?

Another alternative is to move in the direction of your boss, whatever s/he does. In such case, you may be characterized as a good person in the eyes of your boss. But if you are a pro active person having some of the moral judgments, you may not feel the right decision just to follow your boss, irrespective of mistakes. Your values and attitudes may get clash with your boss, which prevents in simply following.boss_humiliate

To get out of this chaos, you must take a wise decision according to your nature. If you are lost between your strength and the circumstance, you won’t become anything but a frustrated person. But before taking the decisions, you must be careful, whether the step is right or wrong. Remember: If you have got talent and guts in you, there are many opportunities in the market, where employer is waiting for a pro active and smart person like you. Always believe in your strengths and choose the best step to shape your future. Success is in your hands.


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