A journey from Kathmandu to Dustmandu

dust particles in the road

Dusty roads in Kathmandu

Kathmandu: Capital city of Nepal and also known as the city of Temple is gradually losing its status these days. With the human civilization, the capital city’s beauty has entered into the phase of retrogression. As the number of peoples grew, the infrastructures of building and roads has built in such a manner that it needs Google to find the free land now. Common properties such as temples, rivers and park become victim of people and their status is depreciating each day.

Kathmandu is the heart of more than 30 lakhs population searching for their status. There are three types of people in Kathmandu:

  1. Those who have lost their status
  2. Those who are in search of their status and
  3. Those who are maintaining their status.

With this dilemma of catch 22, those who are either searching, or maintaining status, the population of Kathmandu has multiplied dramatically. As a result, this historical city has lost its status and people started to modify it as per their stipulation. Multi storied building, narrow roads, bridges and deforestation has distorted the way, the primitive Kathmandu used to be. With the limited resources, peoples have to maintain their daily livelihood. A huge number of people got trapped in search of opportunity and keep on struggling. As a result, the current infrastructure didn’t support the human crowd and their utilities (vehicles). The road started to become narrow for smooth flow of vehicles. People lost on their life maintaining their status, and so did Kathmandu.

With the revolutionary esprit of transforming Kathmandu, great leader Baburam Bhattarai came into existence with the power of Prime Minister in the country. Although he has failed in his core test of designing constitution for the country, he has succeeded in his other test, i.e. widening the roads of Kathmandu. If there is one way people loves Baburam Bhattarai, it’s none other than widening the streets of this city. The task took rapid start up in the beginning. As a result, the unauthorized buildings were destroyed and the process of widening the road started.

It will be my fault if I will drop the blame of present consequence (dusty road) to Baburam Bhattarai. In the mean time, government has changed, new election occurred, the proportion of political parties changed and most importantly, the country has lost its two important years. Although the initial phase took a rapid startup, it’s preceding process didn’t catch up in the same way. As a result, the base layer of cloud has been formed by dust everywhere. The visibility has been decreased, the mask has been attached with the mouth of almost every individual and the cloths turn dirty too fast.

A recent study by independent health organization depicts that the chance of occurring Tuberculosis by this dust has increased by 40%. Due to this, the street business eroded out.
We cannot see the charm of people drinking tea or eating maize at the corner of street. Street business lost their business and hospital earned their valuable patients. Yes it’s true, the cycle of check and balance continues. We hope that the process of building the roads will soon resume and our nest, Kathmandu city will soon regain its status as clean and peace city of the world.


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