Everywhere money: everywhere

Wide mountain range of Nepal

Wide mountain range of Nepal

Out of 204 independent nations in the world, 2/3rd of them don’t know about us and remaining 1/3rd of them knows us as poor country. There is no question about this statement because it is a damn fact. If donors, INGOs, and neighboring countries stops giving aids and loan to the country, everyone knows the consequence; country will lose the most resourceful human resource as NRN, the patients of depression increases, suicide rate boosts up, and the gap between rich and poor grows in a geometric series.

Thanks to the donor for what they have done to us, without whom we could not see the present infrastructures. Also thanks to Nepalese citizens for their calm behavior, despite the country being 200 years back. For the things we are wondering today, developed countries have deserted it as outdated one. But we update our facebook status saying feeling excited and lucky using emotions, using those same outdated products and technology. Isn’t it amazing!?

The nature of human being and country resembles a lot in many factors. If a person is rich enough, there is a great risk that the person may cross the threshold and penetrate towards bad activities. Their main job will be diminishing the parental property. But if there is a limited resource, they will be creative and dig supplementary out of it. The same thing happens to the country. The

God has gifted tremendous water resource in this small country.

God has gifted tremendous water resource in this small country.

country like S. Arabia and Singapore are such tiny that they don’t have their own water resource. They import it from others country, purify it and export back to others. It proves that if there is a will, nothing can hinder development. But if there are too many resources, the country will lost in its way and all gets mess up.

Nepal is such a masterpiece wonderland where there are such resources we can’t even imagine of. Wide range of mountains, huge water resource, profound herbs, wide forest with wide range of herbs, shrubs and animals, hot/cool climate, wide range of topography ranging from 80-8848m and open hearted peoples.  What does a country deserves more than that? Nepal has become a poor country due to over resource.

Money can be seen everywhere.

  • The huge water resource can be utilized in multiple ways with the help of which money generates unanimously.
  • Every person in the world gets delighted by looking at mountains and Nepal is ace in it. Tourism is the easiest way of collecting revenue.
  • Herbs and shrubs are the credentials of medicines and both are more than enough in Nepal.
  • Staying in the climate of Nepal is enough to cure many diseases. It’s one of the best climates in the word.
  • The country is rich in culture and tradition. Buddhism, Hinduism and more than 80 languages with wide range of culture has an origin in Nepal.

I know every persons of the country knows the fact that I am telling in this article. It does not need a doctoral degree to understand there matters because Nepalese have seen it since their birth. We have been lacking down 200 years back with respect to developed countries. If we want to compare us among them, the only thing required is will power. There is now way in blaming the political parties because it is for sure that the politicians from India will not come here and develop Nepal. Let’s unite and develop leadership among us. Country is ours and dream is ours.

Jai Nepal!!!


2 comments on “Everywhere money: everywhere

  1. Ramesh ji, had not seen your blog before. Ever since discovering your blog, I have read almost all of your articles. Your articles are very constructive but very easy to understand even to simplest people. Please do keep on blogging.

    Yours Aye

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