Havoc of bird flu in poultry farm industry of Nepal

the havoc of birdflu in nepal

Health officers destroying chickens as a means of controlling bird flu

Man bahadur Khatri has returned back from Malaysia by earning more than 1 crore in 4 years. He decided to invest his earning in such sector that maximizes the return in minimum effort. After carefully analyzing the industries in Nepal, he found poultry farm business as the right one and invested the whole earnings of his life. He took the land of Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur on lease and started his business. All the things were going as per the plan for 6 months, but suddenly his business took a new direction as the chickens started to die. The reason of turning effect is the viral disease “Bird flu”.

The multibillionaire poultry business of Nepal is really in great threat these days. The havoc in this industry is caused by none other than the viral disease, bird flu. This is not the first time this viral disease has seen in Nepal. Bird flu was first seen in Hetauda in 2065 BS. Till now, it is seen 106 times in whole Nepal and 36 times in Kathmandu valley only.

After the chickens started to get infected and die suddenly, the entrepreneurs of this sectors are really in trouble these days. Officials told that, the nature of virus (H5N1) has changed it’s nature. Earlier, bird flu used to be seen in the winter season only, but it has increased its resistivity and started to flourish in the summer season too. With this rumor, there is a big question of poultry farm business in Nepal.

In Nepal, there is more than 32 billion investment in this industry and is providing more than 100,000 direct employment to the peoples. By looking at the growth of poultry and its related industry, the number of entrepreneurs entering this sector is increasing day by day. But, bird flu has led all the investment, cost and time of the suffered persons into agony.

The propaganda has came to light as some of the business house tried to do clever work by sending the infected chickens in the market. With the risk of transferring the virus from infected bird to humans, governmental officials has closed all the quarentines and stopped the sales of chicken in the Kathmandu valley for one week. According to the officials, Kathmandu, along with the border and major production and consumption area are regarded as high risk areas. Although the government provides a little fund to the entrepreneurs for destroying the lives of bird, it is very nominal in amount. So as a means of reducing the loss, they send the birds to the market in an underground way. When this trend become repetitive, the probability of transmission from birds to human become immense, and government choose this hard way.

When it comes to the question of life, human always remains at the top priority list. It has also greatly seen in this case also. It becomes the role and responsibility of the government to protect the life and health of its people.  Although the virus H5N1 gets killed on more than70 degree Celsius and meat could be eaten after cooking nicely at the prescribed temperature, the life of other stake holders although remains at high risk. Especially the persons who gets in direct touch with the infected birds, i.e. care taker, distributor, sanitator, butcher, etc are in especial risk. Although it has not seen in humans till now, the day it is seen in human and transmit among others, it will certainly create havoc. And the major point is that, the medicine for this disease is not invented yet. 42 peoples in the world have already given up their life by this viral disease.

So the preventive measure of bird flu in Nepal has put the booming poultry farm business in an sharp edge. It has made all the entrepreneurs who are already in this industry and those who are willing to enter here into a big trouble. It is leading one of the growing industries into a black hole which has a chance of creating a negative ripple effect in the whole economy.


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  1. Thanks for the nice blog. It was invaluable for me. Keep sharing this sort of ideas in the future as well. This was actually a few things i was looking for, and I am glad to be able to came the following! Thanks for expressing the such information with us

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  3. thank u so much for your valuable analysis. i am very much delighted to you for giving this sort of information. when i searched “impact of monetary policy of nepal on business environment ” i found you article..Thank u ramesh press..:D

  4. thanx for the information. currently i am thinking to do research on impact of bird flu in poultry farm business ..so this is really helping and for public awareness too.

    • Since childhood, we have been learning that the environment of Nepal is suitable for multi-purpose. Unfortunately, it is favorable for the virus of bird flu too. There is no other option than being careful about maintaining hygiene in the poultry farm site.

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