Dark side of water resource

When the calendar turns from jestha to ashad, some people seeks the number of holiday while others construct new aspiration for

Rainfall in Nepal

Rainfall in Nepal

the new month. But at the same time, the new month creates havoc for the people living near the territory of greatest rivers of Nepal, especially Koshi, Narayani and Mahakali. The river becomes crazy and starts to flow haphazardly towards the residential area near the coastal region.

Each year, the rivers destruct the life and property of people. Various media broadcast their tears to the public through different media and the government allocates small fund to calm down the issue. And again, each year, government constructs high level commission to find out the root cause of destruction. The committee prepares the report and submits the detailed bulky file to the government. Yet, the government is not interested in implementing the findings. All the parties (victim, government, layman, and other stakeholders) know the solution of the problem. Nevertheless, this has become a routine of our country Nepal.

This year also Mahakali become mad and took huge property with it. Apart from that, it questioned the headquarter Khalanga of Darchula by destroying governmental and public buildings, school and hospital too. More than 40 people lost their life. But this is not the end of story. Weather forecast has already predicted that it’s the time of Eastern region to receive heavy flood and symptoms have already been seen. The story of Koshi is fresh in the mind of every Nepalese citizen. Until this year, government has not made any remarkable change in the river. So the threat always lies in the heart of people.

Mahakali river at Darchula headquarter Khalanga destroying land and buildings

Mahakali river at Darchula headquarter Khalanga destroying land and buildings

Nepal has got abundant water resources and the rivers flow from north to south. Neighbouring country india has certainly interest upon the river that destroys their land and property during the rainy season if damn is not prepared in the river. So India has made different treaties in the major rivers of Nepal that gave India to construct damn to control the flow of water during rainy season. As a result, India controls damn water and Nepal’s territory get full with water. Sometimes, the river flows in a new direction leading to massive destruction ( as in Koshi, few years back). It’s the only way; fertile land turns into the sand within a night.

Firstly the government has not shown due interest on the construction of river damn, tatabanda and other precautions. Although the government has been formed with the primary motive of drafting constitution, the life and property of citizens should also be taken into consideration. The right of people remains stable only if the citizens remain in the country.  Hence, government must enlarge their vision. Secondly, Nepal must advocate clearly with the neighboring country India about the water related issues and its consequences. Although the treaties have been made, all of them are questionable.

In fact Nepal needs a great leader who can place the right things clearly and make them execute, irrespective of the small hurdles coming on the way. Strategies are clear, resources can be reformed by reducing the level of bribe and only thing remained is the level of wish. If the level of determination goes up, such problems will remain in the history and no more disasters will become the news in media.


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