China Harayeko Manche: Review

China Harayeko Manche is an autobiography of one of the most shining comedy artist of Nepal, Hari Bamsa Acharya. He, along

Hari Bamsha Acharya

China Harayeko Manche

with is partner Madan Krishna Shrestha, combinely called as MAHA, have made a huge contribution in the sector of Arts and entertainment with the history of more than 35 years. The book China Harayeko Manche reveals the struggle that Haribamsha Acharya made to reach the present position, the happy and painful situation he faced and the path he followed in such circumstances. This book could be the best strategy to know whether he has got the similar character as in telefilms or not. Is the life of Haribamsa full of joy and excitement who makes other happy and laughing. We can get the perfect answer to this question and learn a lot from the chapters of his life. In fact, China Harayeko Manche is a compact package of the Hari Bamsha Acharya which gives a knowledge equivalent to our degree that we have learnt till now.

The book is divided in different sections ranging from his birth, early days of childhood, career development and the present status. It also focuses of the untimely demise of his wife Mira whom he used to love so much. It also includes the role played by MAHA Jodi on the various political movements and awareness programs during different tenure of time.

Haribamsa Acharya was born more than 50 years back in Kathmandu valley in a middle class family. He lost is parents in his early childhood and lived with his elder sisters. Although the academic performance in his school was not good enough, he had collected an extra ordinary ability to make others laugh. After he failed to pass SLC for three consecutive years, he started to work on his abilities. He joined Nepalese Rangamanch temporarily and acted on the stage to earn money. He loved it so much because, he was earning with his capabilities. At the same time, he won best performance award for three consecutive years of Rastriya Nach Ghar. In the mean time, he got the chance to meet other extra ordinary partner Madan Krishna Shrestha and started to work together. They established a firm called Maha Sanchar from where, they produced different telefilms, documentary and stage shows.

During the Panchyat regime, Maha used to speak the words of Nepalese people with the help of their play in different stages inside and outside the country. Their role in different political moments was incredible. They always showed the presence toward multi party democracy and for the betterment of Nepalese people in the political moment 2047 and 2062/63. Till now they have a warm relation with the top political leaders of the country. Yet, Haribamsa is not satisfied with the role played by them. He has a great dissatisfaction with the greed nature of leaders. He has repeated many times that the country need a visionary leader who has got the ability to suppress his personal interest for the nation ( as if BP Koirala, Madan Bhandari and Krishna Prasad Bhandari)

The book is full of the tragedy story of untimely demise of his beloved spouce Mira whom he used to love too much. Mira was RJ by her profession. They joined 26 years long marriage life together and was compelled to separate due to the demise of Mira. This incident made a big black spot on the Haribamsa’s mind which made him subtle, weak, enclosed and towards the path of depression. So, with the valuable suggestion of his sons, co worker Madan Krishna and doctors, he reached a decision to get married .And luckily, he found a single woman called Ramila as his partner for the rest of his life.

The book China Harayeko Manche is not only the story of Hari Bamsha Acharya and his life. We can earn a lot of insights from this book. The incidents in his life and presentation of the story are combined in such a way that, it touches every ones heart. There is not a single line where you get boredom of. So I strongly recommend you read the one of the most beautiful book I have read “China Harayeko Manche”.


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