Loadsheding in Nepal

Nepal is in its critical phase due to the power shortage. Currently, country is facing the bitter taste of 14 hours of loadsheding.

Loadsheding in nepal

Loadsheding in Neapl

Authority says that the period may extend upto 20 hours of power shortage. that means out of 24 hours, nepalese people will see the light only for 4 hours a day. You can just imagine its effect on daily activities of the people. Except the candle industry, increasing loadsheding has an adverse effect on each and every sectors of the country. The consequences of increasing loadsheding are described as below:

1. Due to the power shortage, industries have to use other alternatives of power which has high cost. so the cost of prod
uction of goods and services will definitely goes up. As a result, inflation will occur

2. The educational status of the country will also goes down. Students cant read write in the night time. As a result, they becomes lazy and neither teachers, nor parents can be accountable on such paradigm.

3. There in more chance of insecurity due to increasing loadsheding. The street lamps can’t burn at night time. So the activities like thieve, rape and kidnap will go up. The business will close early evening and the roads gets empty in the early evening.

4. The infrastructural development activities of the country will lag behind. The confidence of the investors will go down and no new investments will be made. the start up construction works either collapses or will take more time than expected.

5. The country will face a bad image in the international market. FDI, which is the basic pillar for development, will decline . Tourism industry of the country will also decline due to insecurity and the country may turn towards recession.

6. The educated peoples of the country goes to other country for better opportunities and employment. As a result, there will be a situation of brain drain. Country will be the people of only old and childrens.

In looking the consequences above, neither of the points are for loadsheding. Yet, politics in immersed in the construction of hydro power plant in the country. Due the the game of comission, political parties are not in the position to construct the hydro power plant that eradicates all the negative consequences described above. Leaders must move with the vision and the benefit of citizens and the whole country. If, these things are undertaken, Nepal could utilize the most precious water resource and could boost up the economy to become the rich country.


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