2 states: Book Review

Chetan Bhagat is a young passionate writer who writes novels and other articles on the subject about youths. This is the reason why all the youth likes him and his articles.

Chetan bhagat did MBA and BE from the most rewarded Indian Institution. The flavor of education can be explicitly be seen in his articles and novels. It is also one of the reasons why I like his novels.

Recently, I had read one of his best novels “2 States”. It is a very interesting novel that tries to portray the cultural difference of two states of India and the circumstances that appeared during the life of the author. Basically in India, there is a vast cultural difference among the state and within the state too. The language, dress up, value, beliefs are totally different. All these things are explicitly revealed in this novel.

The main character Krish of Punjab background, falls in love with a south Indian girl called Ananya during their stay in IIMA. Their love was deeper in such a way that they can’t remain alone. But their parents aren’t going to accept their love easily. After the completion of their MBA degree, they separate for 3 month by going their home until they join their home. Boy resides in Delhi and the girl at Chennai. Finally boy chooses his job in Chennai as a primary motive of meeting and remaining with his girl friend. He becomes with Ananya’s family members and impresses   them too. After a long effort he makes Ananya’s family to accept him. But the there was another problem ahead of them because there were his parents to accept Ananya because there was a strong bad attitude among Punjabis about South Indians. To remove that barrier, Ananya came with Krish in Delhi for a week. Krish had a strange family combination. He never talked his father. So he tried to urge his mother to talk about and accept Ananya. At first she didn’t accepted but after some impressive work, she was also ready to accept.

The game was not over although they and their parents accepted each other. There was a task to accept parents among themselves. So, Krish and Ananya both did some of the effort like meeting parents in a special place like Goa. But the situation even gets worsened. The first generation family has a strong belief among inter cultural peoples in India. So the relation among them pauses for few month. Krish was determined in such a way that he will get Ananya in any way. So he moved some of the steps like visiting her, but all the steps came false. It didn’t work anyway. A man who didn’t care children for long time came as a savior. This time Krish father did miracle by visiting Ananya’s parents to clear all the understandings among them. Finally Krish and Anaya were going to be together with the consent of both parents. The day of the marriage came and Krish got her with joy.

The story of marriage between Krish and Ananya is presented in such a way that the reader cant stop reading after starting until it finishes. The presentation and flow is so smooth that everyone can understand it. Hence “2 states” came as an extra ordinary novel among the readers.


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