2 states: Book Review

Chetan Bhagat is a young passionate writer who writes novels and other articles on the subject about youths. This is the reason why all the youth likes him and his articles.

Chetan bhagat did MBA and BE from the most rewarded Indian Institution. The flavor of education can be explicitly be seen in his articles and novels. It is also one of the reasons why I like his novels.

Recently, I had read one of his best novels “2 States”. It is a very interesting novel that tries to portray the cultural difference of two states of India and the circumstances that appeared during the life of the author. Basically in India, there is a vast cultural difference among the state and within the state too. The language, dress up, value, beliefs are totally different. All these things are explicitly revealed in this novel.

The main character Krish of Punjab background, falls in love with a south Indian girl called Ananya during their stay in IIMA. Their love was deeper in such a way that they can’t remain alone. But their parents aren’t going to accept their love easily. After the completion of their MBA degree, they separate for 3 month by going their home until they join their home. Continue reading