movie review of “chakde India”

Background of the Movie

Chak De India is a 2007 Bollywood movie produced under the banner of Yash Chopda. The story in the movie goes side by side with the Indian hockey team and the mental aspect arisen between the players, coach and the audience. Sharukh Khan is in the lead role in the movie who is a player and a coach of the female hocky team. Khan was the captain of the Indian hockey team when they lose the final match against the Pakistan. When various questions were raised against him after Pakistan won the match, he was under the shadow for seven years. And finally he came in the main stream as a coach of female hockey team to erect the mistake he had made earlier and to drive the Indian hockey team to a paramount.

Chakde India is a social movie that comprises the entire human and the behavioral aspect of the human beings. The human attributes like motivation, perception, leadership, psychology, and team dynamics are clearly and explicitly presented in the movie. In this regard, we can call ‘chakde India” as a behavioral movie.

The movie starts with the hockey final match between India and Pakistan. Indian captain Shahrukh Khan misses the penalty and looses the match. After the completion of the match, the handshake between the players misinterpreted by the media and the public which costs him a lot, his career, pride and a lot more. He becomes passive for 7 years. And when he returns back, he comes with an enthusiasm to erase his dishonor and to uplift the Indian Hockey team.

Behavioural Aspect of the movie

The movie Chak De India is organizational behavior put in practice. It consists of the organizational behavior topics like leadership, team formation, norming and storming of team work, group dynamics, personality, motivation, etc. All these concepts are presented with the parallel story of Indian female hockey team.

The most important aspect of the movie is team building process. The players from various states with different ethnic background, language, culture, personality and attitudes come upon a team to play together with a common goal i.e to play for the country. It also showed that goal can be easily achieved if they work on the team with the shared values and motives. In the movie, comparatively a weaker team went up to the hockey finals and won against the strong team Australia.

The movie also shows the role of an effective leader to inspire and motivate the team fo find out an extraordinary results. To find the goal, right person should be placed in the right place at the right time by knowing the individual difference. Organizational goal must be synchronized with the personal goal in order to increase the efficiency. All these traits of leadership are beautifully presented in the movie from the leadership lesson of the main character Salim Khan. Continue reading